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In my previous gift guide, I touched on gifts that help transform your home into a cozy space that you actually enjoy spending time in.

For some of us though, we’re using this extra time spent at home during quarantine to further our career ambitions. That’s why I think it’s especially fitting this year to buy gifts for your friends + family that help bolster their productivity.

Whether you’re a small business owner working out of a home office, or an inspiring side hustler building your business at the kitchen table, or an employee working remotely until this quarantine lifts…

whatever your reason for working from home, there are definitely tools to make it easier to get things done!

I started working from home (creating this very blog) nearly four years ago. At the time I thought working from home was the ultimate dream and little did I understand how truly difficult it can be!

There’s a million distractions. It can feel isolating. Not to mention without clear work/home boundaries, it can feel like you never really check out from work at the end of the night.

So I’m sharing the tools that have proven invaluable in my own work-from-home journey. Share ’em with your friends (or snag a few for yourself) and cheer each other on as you make moves this coming year!

1. Flexible 24” LED Ring Light // 2. Simplified Planner: Daily Edition // 3. Madewell Transport Tote // 4. Pineapple Crest Mini Notebook // 5. Adjustable Laptop Stand // 6. Temperature Control Smart Mug // 7. The Slight Edge // 8. Blue Light Glasses // 9. Blue Yeti Microphone

This post may contain affiliate links, for more information, see my disclosures here.

Wishing you a successful and productive year ahead!

XO, Britney (@ms.fit.farmer)

Favorite Gifts for the Aspiring Entrepreneur!
Britney Zondlak

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