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How many times have you caught yourself believing this common weight loss lie?

It goes something like this: weight loss is a superficial goal; it’s not worth your time and energy to improve how your body looks because you have more important things that you should be focusing on…

Be honest right now, how many times have you felt like it would be nice to devote attention to fitness if only you had the extra time?

>> How many times have you convinced yourself that right now is just not the best time to start a fitness journey?

Does this sound familiar?

Here’s the thing: most of us believe that the biggest benefit to improving our health + fitness routine is weight loss…

And because of this belief, we often ignore our health to focus on other, more pressing matters.

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The truth is that for most of us, we don’t see fitness as a high-priority item on our to-do list. After all, we can always lose weight some other time (once life slows down…).

Now I’m here to tell you that while weight loss is a perk, it’s not what makes fitness so powerful.

You see, improving our health is an activity that provides an amazingly high ROI (return on investment).

What I mean by this is that it typically costs you MORE in time, energy + money to IGNORE your health than it does to improve it.

Don’t believe me? 

Well in this blog post, I’m sharing with you three reasons Why Fitness Is Important. In this post, you’ll learn big ways that fitness impacts your life that you may not even be aware of.

Keep reading, my friend because you’re not going to want to miss this one.

3 Reasons Why Fitness is Important!

So why exactly is fitness so important?

When you really break it down, there are three key reasons why you simply can’t afford to ignore your health any longer.

1. For starters: Did you know that the biggest culprit women feel holds them back in life is none other than ‘poor health’?

Poor health (whether we’re talking about that generalized feeling of ‘I don’t feel good’ or a more specific diagnosis,  ‘I have such-and-such wrong with me’) is the number one excuse women use explain their failures in life.

Their failure to accept greater responsibilities, their failure to make more money, to achieve success, to be more present at home, to enjoy more quality time with loved ones…

So when we take the time to remove this excuse from our arsenal, we are quite literally, removing the biggest roadblock that is keeping us from living the life we truly desire to live.

When we dedicate time to improving how our body looks and feels we are telling that universe that we matter.

We are showing up in this world in a way that supports the life we want to live.

We are truly putting our best foot forward and stepping into the women we are meant to become and whether you realize it or not that’s powerful. 

2. Did you know that you can’t help others before you first help yourself?

There’s a reason that flight attendants always instruct you, in the event of an emergency, to put on your own oxygen mask first.

The truth is: you don’t help others by depleting yourself.

The only way to ensure that you can better serve others is to first take care of your needs.

I know that as women it’s programmed into our DNA to place the needs of others before our own. 

And that’s why we put our kids’, ours husbands’ and boyfriends’- even the needs of work in front of our own. We believe it’s selfish to do it any other way. 

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But let me tell you, friend,  if you want to give your light to others, you have to shine first!

We need to remember that choosing to invest time and energy into improving our health and well-being is about having MORE of ourselves to give to others- not less. 

I’m talking about: 

  • MORE energy so that you can play with your little ones.
  • MORE productivity and mental alertness so that you can accomplish amazing success at work
  • And MORE confidence so that you can attract the kind of opportunities into your life that truly bring you joy.

3. Did you know that everything else in your life starts to fall into place when you take care of what matters most at the core- you!

Exercise may seem like an ordinary habit on the surface, but research shows that exercise is, more importantly, a ‘keystone’ habit.

In architecture, the keystone locks all the other stones into position- like in the picture below. 

In life, keystone habits are the glue that allows other good habits to take hold.

Taking care of yourself is a small spark that ignites the sort of change that allows your life to run more smoothly.

That’s right, women who take action to improve their health tend to also experience:

  • More productivity at work
  • More restful nights’ sleep
  • Improved relationships with their spouse
  • Even more financial stability 

And it all stems from one simple decision to change your life.


As you can see, there are many great benefits to taking control of your health. 

From the reasons alone that I’ve shared within this blog post, we can deduce that fitness isn’t a superficial goal. In fact, focusing on improving your  health and fitness routine can greatly improve the quality of life you are living.

So I encourage you to keep at it when it comes to improving your health and fitness routines. I believe in you, my friend!

As always, here to support YOU.

XO- Britney (ms.fit.farmer)


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