The Power of Positive Thinking: Adopt a Healthy Mindset in 4 Easy Steps

29 Life Lessons to Learn Before Turning 30

Good health is about more than just what you’re eating + how you’re exercising- it includes what you’re thinking + saying too. The thing is, most of us, severely underestimate the impact our thoughts can have on our physical health. So let me give you some perspective… Research shows that on any given day, the … Read more

How to Create More Happiness in Your Life (my 2 minute hack)

As I sit here writing this latest blog post, I’m wearing an oversized + baggy sweatshirt, mismatched socks, and not one single ounce of make-up. My hair is frazzled + pulled back just enough so not to be in my face. And if I’m 100 percent, completely honest with you- I’m not entirely sure whether … Read more