How To Decide on the Perfect Fitness Goal When You’re Unsure of What You Want

Ask any personal trainer “what’s the secret to achieving success with your fitness journey?”… And the likely response is something like this: Set a goal. Break it down into manageable steps. And then consistently take action until you get where you want to go. It sounds simple enough. BUT there’s one big problem with this … Read more

The Insanely Easy Way to Set a Fitness Goal You’ll Actually Follow Through With!

best fitness goal setting

You’ve heard the advice a million times before… If you want to be successful with your fitness journey, set a goal. In theory, goal setting sounds like great advice, but in reality, it doesn’t always play out so smooth. Seriously, have you ever noticed how some women talk about goal-setting like it’s the holy grail … Read more

Stop with the New Year’s Resolutions and try THIS Goal-Setting Strategy Instead!

New Year’s Resolutions: Whether you swoon over the idea of a fresh start, or you believe the “new you, new year” mantra to be a bit too cliche, it’s hard not to enter the coming year without some sort of reflection as to how the last one ended. …Did you make any significant achievements? …Did … Read more