4 Simple Strategies That Will Put You Back In Control of Your Fitness Journey

So you’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon …again. You had good intentions this time around. And you were sure that you’d actually achieve your weight loss goals.  But then life got in the way and suddenly you fell back to using your old, comfortable habits- you know, the ones that created your desire to lose … Read more

The Insanely Easy Way to Set a Fitness Goal You’ll Actually Follow Through With!

best fitness goal setting

You’ve heard the advice a million times before… If you want to be successful with your fitness journey, set a goal. In theory, goal setting sounds like great advice, but in reality, it doesn’t always play out so smooth. Seriously, have you ever noticed how some women talk about goal-setting like it’s the holy grail … Read more

Plan Healthy Meals for the Week WITHOUT Stressing Out!

healthy meal planning for the week

It’s the question we all secretly dread: What’s for dinner?! Whether you cook for one person or an entire army of people- there’s a lot that goes into preparing a full menu worth of healthy meals. Let’s face it: When you take into consideration all the time + energy that goes into searching for recipes, shopping … Read more