Unplugging in a Plugged-In World

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The Importance of Taking a Digital Detox | Health, Fitness and Wellness | More at https://msfitfarmer.com

Hello again!

It’s been some time since I last sat down to write for this tiny blog of mine. I could blame my absence on a million different things…

  • shifting priorities
  • too much going on between home responsibilities and work commitments
  • not enough time in the day to get to everything
  • low energy
  • lack of motivation & inspiration to construct anything of value

… the list could seriously go on without end!

The truth is- I just needed a minute or two to unplug. To step away from the computer and to live life for the sole purpose of enjoying it. To live life for me, and to experience moments for what they were without feeling the need to document them for what they “could be” on the likes of Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat.

Nowadays we live in a world where people treat life as a constant status update; and where people show more concern over how their lives appear to others rather than how their lives feel. These people validate moments based on how many “likes” and “comments” they receive, not realizing that in doing so, they lessen the importance of their own opinions.What’s more, with cameras accessible on every smart phone on today’s market, photographs are no longer about capturing memories or freezing moments in time- no, their purpose has become far more superficial than that. Photographs are now just a mode of comparison- they are a means to showcase a lifestyle or persona that we’d like to portray as accurate, though more often than not is a far cry from reality.

Trust me when I say that no one's life is as perfect as their Instagram Feed.Click To Tweet

I speak of these “people” as if they are a minority group in our society, but on some level we, myself included, are all guilty of getting suckered into this social media phenomena. And my initial reaction is somewhere along the lines of “So what?, where’s the harm?”…

The more I think it over though, the more I’m in awe of how, in such a technologically-driven world as ours, where the lines of communication have never been more open, we are more disconnected from our selves and from one another than ever before. Even more startling may be the fact that never before has a generation such as ours so diligently recorded themselves accomplishing so little. Let that fact sink in for a minute…

Yes, thanks to social media platforms you could probably rattle off with ease the number of people in your life recently engaged, married or divorced; the current whereabouts of any given relative; what your best friend ate for dinner last night; or even what your favorite celebrity wore to last year’s Academy Awards. But when is the last time you picked up the phone and had an actual conversation with someone that mattered? Better yet, when’s the last time you shared a face-to-face moment with a co-worker, friend, or significant other without any distraction?

It's no stretch of the imagination that this generation's drug of choice may in fact be social media.Click To Tweet

As a fitness junkie, I often hear talk about juice cleanses, liver detox’s & a myriad of other processes meant to “purify” our systems by ridding the body of harmful substances. We too often forget that behavior can be just as toxic as any product which we may ingest. While actions are curable, the process of lessening our dependencies on certain learned behaviors isn’t nearly as easy as popping a pill. Sometimes what we need most in this world is to disconnect in order to reconnect with what truly matters.

I took my first hiatus from social media over six months ago when I finally gathered up enough courage to click DEACTIVATE on my personal Facebook profile. For me, I needed time away from all the drama; a few days without being exposed to all the gossip and no-name news that filled my notification feed. It’s a decision I haven’t regretted; and in all honesty, it’s a decision that I believe to be permanent- at least in my forseeable future.

While most argue that social media has allowed them to stay connected with more people than otherwise possible, I found that my relative inaccessibility strengthened my relationships. More simply put- because of the added effort, I only stayed in touch with people that truly mattered to me.

In more recent weeks, I’ve taken a small break from even my business-centered social accounts. I didn’t have any particular reason for doing so other than the fact that I just got tired of trying to document every move for the sake of sharing it with others- most people whom were complete strangers to me and who shouldn’t care whether I went to the gym or sat on my couch watching Netflix all night.  Whether I ate grilled chicken or ground turkey for dinner; or whether I wore leggings or sweatpants while out and about.

At first the thought of losing that precious engagement between myself and my followers felt frightening. It scared me to think about backtracking on the progress I’ve made to establish myself as a blogger in this vast internet world. After all, exposure is kind of the point in the blogging realm.

But I’ll admit that after even just a short break from my these social accounts, my mind feels more focused, refreshed and content. My days feel more productive without the constant distraction. Most importantly, I feel an overwhelming peace knowing that I’m finally living life as it happens. I’ve found purpose and direction again with this blog and I feel excited to share those ideas with all of you in the coming weeks. It excites me not to write just for the sake of writing but to be able to share content that’s actually of value- which has been my goal from the start!

So- today I challenge all of you reading this to take a vacation of your own- to gather your thoughts and really focus on what’s important to you! Get lost for a while and make some memories in your life that no one but you knows about! I promise your accounts will still be there when you return…

Need help unplugging from this plugged-in world?! I’ve listed a few of my favorite ideas below to help get you started.

  1. Get outside! Enjoy a nice walk through the nearby park, along the beach or on your favorite hiking trails.
  2. Take a bath. Light some candles, throw in your favorite bath bomb and soak in the relaxation!
  3. Invite your friends over for an old-fashioned night of board games or cards- Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleship… there’s a lot of good ones still out there!
  4. Read a book. Write in a journal. Or just sit in your favorite place and meditate.
  5. Head to the bar and challenge any group that walks in to a game of pool or darts… losers buy next round!
  6. Try a new restaurant and order a dish you’ve never ordered before.
  7. Find a hobby. Many community centers offer a variety of classes or programs a low cost to their residents. You may even meet a few new friends!
  8. Act like a tourist and explore your town! There has to be a few shops you haven’t been to yet or a museum that you pass every day yet never visit! You might just find something new that you love!
  9. U-Picks! No matter the season there is usually a ton of different u-pick farms near-by; think pumpkin patches in the fall, strawberries in the spring, and u-pick wildflower locations in the summer. It’s so much more fun than buying from a store.
  10. Paint, sculpt, craft! Let your imagination run wild! Dollar Stores are great places to find some cheap crafting supplies.
  11. Bake a cake, decorate some cupcakes, or try your hands at a pie! Just don’t get your recipe from Pinterest. Instead head over to your local library to find old cookbooks (like your mom used to use)! Bonus points if you deliver your finished product to share with a friend.
  12. Speaking of libraries.. did you know that they sometimes offer free events, speakers and/or presentations to their communities. Check it out to find what’s happening near you!
  13. Go star gazing. Or if you live in the city, give your local planetarium a try! You might just learn something new!
  14. Spend some time outside with your furry friends. When’s the last time you played fetch with your dog?
  15. Wash your car– by hand! Give it a wax too! You’ll admire your handy work for days!
  16. Build a bonfire. Then roast marshmallows and build s’mores til you can’t move.
  17. Indulge in a fresh mani/pedi. Save some money and grab a friend. Have her paint your nails and return the favor by painting hers.
  18. Relax at the beach the entire day. You might just find a pick up game of sand volleyball to join.
  19. Work up a sweat! Try a new group fitness class at your local gym- something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the courage to sign up for just yet.
  20. Make some new friends. Visit your local nursing home and visit with some of the senior residents. It will surely put a smile on their face, and you may be surprised to find yourself smiling too:)
  21. Bike, scooter, rollerblade somewhere new. It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you don’t drive!
  22. Clean your house! De-clutter the mess by getting rid of anything you don’t use anymore. Donate what’s still good and pitch the rest. You will be amazed how good a clean home feels.

Add your own ideas to the list using the comments below!!

Remember: In the end, life is but a series of fleeting moments, collected and savored but only truly experienced in present time. Don’t get so caught up capturing the moment, that you forget to live it!


P.S.  Check out The Essential Self-Care Nightly Routine or The Importance of Positive Self-Talk for more on creating inner-peace and overall wellness in the body!

The Importance of Taking a Digital Detox | Health, Fitness and Wellness | More at https://msfitfarmer.comThe Importance of Taking a Digital Detox | Health, Fitness and Wellness | More at https://msfitfarmer.com

The Importance of Taking a Digital Detox | Health, Fitness and Wellness | More at https://msfitfarmer.com


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The Importance of Taking a Digital Detox | Health, Fitness and Wellness | More at https://msfitfarmer.com The Importance of Taking a Digital Detox | Health, Fitness and Wellness | More at https://msfitfarmer.com The Importance of Taking a Digital Detox | Health, Fitness and Wellness | More at https://msfitfarmer.com

Digital Detox Challenge!

Sign-Up Today and Get Your FREE 4-Day Digital Detox Delivered Right To Your Inbox!

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3 thoughts on “Unplugging in a Plugged-In World”

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  2. You are so right! It’s vitally important for our health and well being to detox from technology. I do a detox every single week. Sundays are my tech free days and they are SO refreshing and welcomed. It rejuvenates me for the week to come. I plan to add in a week at a time every half year or quarter as well. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post and inspiring people to detox from tech!

    • Thanks so much for reading, Jennifer! I like the idea of going tech free for a week every once in while!

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