5 Unexpected Benefits of a Personal Trainer

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Have you ever thought about hiring a personal trainer but then you talked yourself out of it because of the cost that it would incur?

So, instead you decide to DIY your way through your fitness journey. After all, there are plenty of free resources online to guide you in the right direction, so what’s the use in paying someone to tell you the exact same thing?

Am I right?

I’m going to get real honest with you for a sec…

Yes, you could figure out this weight loss thing on your own. It’s 100 percent doable.

BUT if you want to speed up the process and save yourself a lot of frustration + heartache then you ought to reconsider your stance on working with a qualified fitness professional.

You see, what most women fail to realize (don’t worry, I once fell into this category too) that just because you’re not paying with money- doesn’t mean that you’re not paying with your time.

And in brutal honesty, paying with your time is one of the most expensive currencies you could use.

While you can always regain money invested, you can never get back the time you spend using the trial-and-error method to achieve your fitness goals.

So if you’re on the fence about hiring a personal trainer to help you improve your health + fitness, keep reading, my friend.

In this blog post, I’m sharing with you 5 unexpected benefits of a personal trainer and I’m also giving you an inside look into my own experience with working with a fitness coach during my own fitness journey.

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True story: I am a personal trainer that hired a personal trainer.

It sounds ironic and a bit contradictory but allow me a moment to explain.

You see, my first experience working with a certified trainer came long before I decided to make a career for myself in the health and fitness industry.

It was some six or seven years ago; I had recently graduated college and was feeling down on myself for the bad habits I had acquired.

Namely, too much booze, not enough sleep, and far too many late-night pizza deliveries in the dorms.

Reality caught up fast to me when I realized the baggy sweatpants and over-sized sweatshirts that were appropriate for sitting in an 8 A.M. lecture, weren’t exactly proper business attire for the real world. And trust me, actual pants with tailored waists, buttons and zippers- they, my friend, are not nearly as forgiving when it comes to concealing weight gain…

I knew I needed change.

And with less time in my schedule going toward research papers and midterm exams, post-graduation seemed like the perfect opportunity to get serious about my health. Though I had managed to successfully lose weight in the past, this attempt was different for a number of reasons.

And that’s why I turned for help from a personal trainer.

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Benefit #1 of hiring a personal trainer: Enhanced Motivation

Going back to my story- one of the reasons that this attempt at losing weight was so different than previous attempts was due to the fact that I lacked a motivational reason for pursing a fitness journey.

This wasn’t another Get Fit for Spring Break/Bikini-Body Countdown… I wasn’t trying to lose a few pounds for a trip or even to fit into a special-occasion dress.

No, I was looking to get ‘fit for life’but just exactly what I meant by that… well ,that was anybody’s guess.

My problem was that I didn’t know how to express my desires in terms of actionable steps, and perhaps, more important, my goals lacked any sort of urgency.

‘Fit for life’ didn’t exactly suggest a deadline- if I reached that goal in 6 months or 6 years technically I accomplished what I set out to do, right?

Ladies, let’s get real- exercising can feel like a hassle at times. It can feel intimidating adding yet anther item to your already full to-do list.

I get it.

I know from firsthand experience how these sort of thoughts can drain any + all motivation you may have when it comes to pursing health + fitness goals.

That’s why regular sessions with a personal trainer can give you the boost you need to not only start a fitness journey but also to stick with it.

Benefit #2 of hiring a personal trainer: Increased Accountability

Just as my post-graduate fitness journey lacked a motivating element, it also lacked asystem of accountability to back me up.

If I was truly going to succeed, I needed to have someone to hold me to my word- someone who wouldn’t take my excuses and allow me to throw in the towel after a hard day when my motivation was waning- someone who wouldn’t just let me wait to start again tomorrow.

I didn’t need someone to hold my hand; what I needed was tough love.

Here’s the thing about human nature- when given the choice, we will always choose the path of least resistance.

There’s no judgement here, we all do it.

The truth is, weight loss isn’t easy. When we want to improve our health, we have to change the very habits that have gotten us to this point of needing a fitness journey.

That’s a hard thing to do- it’s uncomfortable, it’s frustrating + a whole slew of other difficult emotions.

The reasons that most diets fail isn’t because women don’t know WHAT to do. The problem is that while most of us understand what we need to do to reach our fitness goals, we lack the accountability to actually do it.

This is why personal trainers are truly important- they hold us accountable to our fitness goals, even when we lack the motivation to follow through with them.

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Benefit #3 of hiring a personal trainer: Expert Support

Adding to the list of things that my post-graduate fitness journey lacked- it most definitely did not have a clear sense of direction. 

You can find just about anything these days on the internet. When it comes to the health and fitness world, there is no shortage of free information out there.

There are fitness influencers on Instagram sharing their workouts; there are thousands of pins on Pinterest detailing workout programs + meal plans…

And while that’s great news it didn’t exactly help me in understanding how to create a fitness plan tailored to my own needs and that would help me to achieve my goals.

In full disclosure, having so much information at my fingertips did more to keep me from starting my fitness journey than it did to encourage me to take action.

You see, I was intimated by all the research and suggestions out there; paralyzed at what course of action to take- constantly worried that I was doing the ‘wrong’ thing.

Hiring a personal trainer eliminated the need for trial-and-error. It saved me the heartache of spending 8 weeks following a random workout plan only to find out that it wasn’t the right fit for me + my goals.

If you’re serious about using the most effective and efficient methods to get you to your fitness goals, then it’s important to put your trust in a professional that can execute a plan specifically developed with your unique needs in mind.

That’s exactly what my personal trainer did for me.

Now in full disclosure, my fitness journey was not without faults.

I messed up (many times) again and again. But the great thing about my experience was that I paid for a complete 90 Day Online Fitness Program, and because I made the investment, I was bound to see the thing through.

I didn’t stop after two weeks when life got busy and my motivation to workout was low- I persevered for a full 90 days.. Quite honestly, it was something I’m not sure I’d ever done before.

Having that expert support made all the difference.

Fast forward 3 years later, after receiving my own certifications in fitness, you’d think I’d be done hiring personal trainers- but you’d be wrong because I did, in fact, hire a personal trainer yet again not that long ago.

I’ll admit it- while I love spending time in the gym, I am still human. Even I have days where my desire to train is severely low. Most times, I snap out of my funk quickly and manage to get back on track. This time was different though.

In the purest form I just felt burnt out. I was working full-time, putting another 20 hours a week into starting a side hustle, and I was still trying to share what precious time I had left with my friends and family.

There’s no denying I was overwhelmed!

Little by little bad habits crept back into my life. At first it was just a missed workout here and there. Then it turned into a fast-food meal a few times a week. Pretty soon I was doing everything that I preached to my clients not to-do… I felt like such a fake in the fitness world!

So, I got back on track using the one method that has always worked for me- I hired a personal trainer yet again.

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If you thought personal trainers were just for the novice gym goer or the complete fitness newbie, you’d be wrong! Fitness professionals can serve clients of all levels and abilities.

For me, the reasons for seeking help with my fitness journey were much different this time around. I already knew how-to workout; I knew what I should be doing in order to get the results I wanted. But that doesn’t mean I was doing it.

Benefit #4 to hiring a personal trainer: Increased Intensity and Variety

What my workout regime was missing was any sort of intensity.

And that’s exactly what I got by hiring someone else to construct my workouts for me.

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By changing things up with a trainer, I didn’t fall into the habit of going through the motions.

On the contrary, I got my butt kicked (in a good way!). For the first time in what felt like forever, I left the gym feeling like I had accomplished something- it was just what I needed to get my spark back.

Hiring a trainer proved great in kicking things up a notch, but that’s not the only thing that changed. You see, we all need variety in our life to keep things interesting. That sentiment holds true even in the gym. It’s great to make fitness a habit, but what do we do when our routines become a little too routine? Add some variety and watch the boring factor fade.

You can bet that I didn’t just hire a trainer to run me through the same ropes I’d been through a thousand times before. I hired one that taught me a new skill.

I have always been fond of traditional weight training- there’s truly something to be said for feeling strong (and the sexy, lean muscle isn’t a bad added bonus either). But instead of training with a bodybuilder, I sought out a Crossfit Coach- I still got to hold a barbell, however, crossfit provided me with new challenges that had me craving time in the gym:)

Benefit #5 to hiring a personal trainer: Safe Workouts

Having guidance from an experienced coach gave me the peace of mind that I could try new and exciting exercises and still be safe about it.

With anything active, there’s bound to room for error (which ultimately translates into injury. By having someone there to teach me proper technique, I felt better knowing I wasn’t just trying to fling a weighted barbell over my head- no, I was performing the moves with specific instruction so not to hurt myself.

Working with a trainer allows you to become confident with how to perform exercises. And that confidence in knowing that you’re performing each exercise to the best of your ability- it can help make your fitness routine a habit that stays with you for the long haul.


There are plenty of reasons to hire a personal trainer to help you along your fitness journey. It’s important to recognize that the right personal trainer is well worth the investment.

As we’ve discussed in this article, personal training has its advantages. You’re not hiring someone just to teach you how to lose weight- rather you’re hiring something that can enhance your motivation, increase your accountability, provide expert support, provide workouts with increased intensity + variety, and that can give you the confidence in knowing that you’re performing each exercise safely + effectively.

Here to support YOU! XO- Britney (ms.fit.farmer)

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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Personal Trainer
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