5 Ways a Macro-Based Diet Can Help You Achieve Lasting Weight Loss

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When it comes to weight loss, we all have a general idea of what we should and shouldn’t do.

For instance:

We know that we should eat more vegetables to better our health.

We know that we should drink more water to minimize hunger.

And we know that we shouldn’t expect to lose weight when we load up on greasy fast food each + every night for dinner.

But knowing that we should do something isn’t always a guarantee that we’re actually going to follow through + do it.

You see, for the most part, we know that watching what we eat is the key to helping us feel better- more energized + productive.

But the truth is that for most of us, ‘diet’ is a 4-letter word that makes us cringe.

That’s because it’s hard not to feel discouraged by the dieting process.

You know how it is:

You’re tired of diets that are overly restrictive and complicated.

You’re sick of always feeling hungry + you’re annoyed by diets that don’t allow you to eat your favorite foods.

What’s more, you’ve had enough of the yo-yo dieting. For once, you just want results that stick around for the long-haul. 

>>> The problem with most diets these days is that the focus is on short-term results. 

Most of us willingly suffer through a strict diet plan because we believe that it will help us achieve our weight loss goals- and we assume that once we reach our goal, we can go back to our ‘normal‘ eating habits. 

It’s no wonder that most of us find ourselves in this constant cycle of losing + gaining weight.

You see, temporary actions can only yield temporary results.

And this is why long-term weight loss success requires a more sustainable approach.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m going to tell you that the answer to your weight loss problems isn’t a stricter diet or more willpower to resist those nagging cravings.

What you really need is a diet strategy that helps you reach your fitness goals while still allowing you to consume foods you love so that you don’t feel deprived.

And the BEST way to accomplish this is through flexible dieting (a.k.a- the macro diet). 

Now, if you’re a little hesitant to give macro-counting a whirl, then you’re going to want to keep reading, my friend.

Because in this blog post, I’m sharing with you 5 reasons why the macro-diet is the ultimate way to diet WITHOUT hating your life.

the macro diet _5 reasons to try flexible dieting (1)

I know that right now you may be hesitant to believe in the magic of macro-dieting.

There’s likely been a time in your life when you jumped headfirst into some sort of trending diet and saw little to no results from it.

But the macro-diet is different. And here’s why:

Reason #1 to Try the Macro Diet: It encourages a healthy mindset around food

With the macro diet, there’s not a long list of rules to follow; foods aren’t labeled as ‘good‘ or ‘bad‘; and you don’t have to cut out entire food groups to see results.

Compared to other diet plans, the macro diet may be the most balanced approach to healthy eating.

This is because the focus of the macro diet is to give your body what it needs while still allowing yourself room to indulge in what you love.

When you’re not constantly worried about foods that are off limits, you enjoy a freedom that’s not typical to most diets.

And that’s what makes the macro diet so powerful- because when you allow yourself the freedom to eat any food that you want, you realize that it’s possible to diet without feeling deprived.

Reason #2 to Try the Macro Diet: It focuses on giving your body what it really needs

Our bodies respond to nutrients, and yet when it comes to weight loss, we tend to focus solely on calories.

We put a lot of emphasis on calories ‘in’ verses calories ‘out’. 

And yes- calories do matter. 

>>> If you want to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit.

But eating 1500 calories worth of Twinkies isn’t quite the same as eating 1500 calories worth of grilled chicken + sweet potatoes…

The difference between these two meals is the way in which they are digested.

You see, everything we eat is broken down and turned into fuel that our body can, in turn, use.

Because different types of nutrients perform different functions within our body, the kinds of foods we are fueling our body with can have a major impact on how we feel.

When we are more mindful of giving our bodies the nutrients it needs to operate at peak performance (rather than focusing just on calories), life gets easier- we feel energized; we feel full + satisfied; most importantly, our body feels supported. 

Reason #3 to Try the Macro Diet: It’s a Great Precursor to Intuitive Eating

I get it…

You don’t want to be stuck tracking your meals within a food diary for the rest of your life. 

Being able to eat intuitively and know that you’re supporting your body with all the nutrients it needs is the ultimate dream.

But here’s the thing about healthy eating:

We aren’t born into this world nutrition rockstars.

And that’s alright- because eating healthy is a skill that can be learned.

The important thing about macro dieting is that, with practice, it allows us to become more aware of the nutrients that make up food and thus helps us make better, more informed food choices in the long-run.

When you have a deeper understanding of what your body actually needs to feel its best, you find it easier to feed your body in ways that support the kind of lifestyle you wish to live.

Reason #4 to Try the Macro Diet: It Doesn’t Require Perfection

Let’s face it:

With most diets, having the occasional indulgence just isn’t in the plan.

You either have to schedule your ‘treats’ well in advance to minimize their impact on your weight loss results or you have to avoid them altogether.

But the more we ward off temptation, the harder it becomes to resist.

And what usually ends up happening is that we find binge on the same foods we’ve been trying to avoid.

But with the macro diet, your favorite treats don’t turn into cheats – you simply record the foods you eat and you adjust the rest of your day so that you still hit your macro targets.

In case you didn’t know…

Dieting doesn’t have to be painful!

You can eat your favorite foods AND still stay on track with your fitness goals. And the easiest way to accomplish this is through the macro diet.

Reason #5 to Try the Macro Diet: It’s Flexible Enough to Fit Your Lifestyle

It doesn’t matter if you’re gluten free or vegetarian. Whether you have food restrictions or not, the macro diet can work for you! 

Unlike meal plans that tell you WHAT to eat, the macro diet is a healthy eating strategy that teaches you HOW to eat.

So stop trying to fit your life inside of some crazy, trending diet, and instead tailor the macro diet to work for you based off of your personal needs + preferences.

When you take the time to build a healthy eating plan around your current lifestyle, you’ll find that it is possible to reach your fitness goals + still enjoy life!


I can’t emphasize it enough- but healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective.

In fact, when you take a more flexible approach to dieting- you may be surprised by how easy it is to stick to your new healthy habits.

Let me know in the comments below what your experience with the macro diet has been like!

Here to support you!

XO- Britney (ms.fit.farmer)

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5 Ways a Macro-Based Diet Can Help You Achieve Lasting Weight Loss
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