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Single Women Dating Advice

10 Things Every Single Woman Wants the World to Know

This isn’t a normal blog post for me. Typically, I use this online space to share stories + insights concerning women’s health and wellness. Truly, there’s nothing more that I enjoy than helping women achieve success with their fitness journeys. Related: 5 Hacks to Stop Wasting Time in the Gym But this post regarding ‘single

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21 Books that Radically Transformed My Life

I know it sounds dramatic and a bit far-fetched to say that a book changed my life but hear me out. You see, this past year didn’t exactly pan out the way I had anticipated. After a rough couple of years spent in my twenties, I was hoping that turning 30 would open new doors

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The Big Mistake that MIGHT be keeping you from Happiness

No matter what the calendar may say, it’s still winter here in this little ole West Michigan town. Honestly, it’s been a rather difficult winter season to endure, and I am quite literally dreaming of the day that I can swap these heavy, snow boots for a more comfortable pair of running shoes. This farm

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The Importance of a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal: The Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude

It’s officially the start of Thanksgiving week, and I have to admit- the older I get, the more I appreciate the simplicity of this November holiday. There’s no big tree to hunt down and decorate. No eggs to hide in anticipation of a scavenger hunt, no costumes to create or trick-or-treat candy to buy, and

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Functional Fitness: Should I Workout If I Have a Physical Job?

As a farmer, you service and maintain your equipment. You tend to your animals. But when’s the last time you cared for your own body? I mean, really… does having a physically demanding job excuse you from exercise? Is it enough that you spend most of your day on your feet- hauling hay bales, lifting

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Free Workout Guide: Farm Girl Fitness from The Army Girl’s Guide

Hello there! Sarah here from The Army Girl’s Guide. Coming from a background of having physically a demanding job, I know how important it is to train to live. By that, I mean incorporating training routines that are going to make you stronger, more efficient, and injury free in your everyday life. With that in

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6 Ways to Drink More Water | Healthy Drink Alternatives for When Water gets Boring | More Fitness and Health Tips at

6 Ways to Make Water Less Boring

Post may contain affiliate links, see my full disclosure policy for more details It’s Friday afternoon. Per usual I’m spending yet another day working outside in this dead of heat summer. It’s 85 degrees out with a humidity of 86 percent. And while I know that I should be drinking water to keep my thirst

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29 Life Lessons to Learn Before Turning 30

29 Life Lessons to Learn Before Turning Thirty!

Isn’t it crazy how celebrating certain milestones with those we love makes us reminisce about our own experiences at that time? Just recently I attended a party celebrating my best friend’s birthday. She reached that pivotal 25 year mark- an entire quarter of a century + she spent the entire night joking about how old

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Increasing Productivity: My Simple Farm Girl Hack to Get MORE Done!

In this blog post, I’m sharing the one farm girl hack that has transformed my life and helped me become super productive! You see, planting season is officially underway and on top of all our daily chores that need to get done- milking cows, feeding calves, and ensuring all animals have clean, dry bedding– we are

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7 Powerful Lessons that Farming Taught Me

6 Powerful Life Lessons Farming Taught Me

Experience is one of life’s greatest teachers. But too often we fail to recognize the importance of a moment until long after it has passed. Case in point: I never gave much weight to being raised a “farm kid”, yet now- thirty years later, I couldn’t be more appreciative of my humble beginnings. Now, to

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Hello world! An Introduction from a Fit, Farm Gal!

That first post!- the one that lays the foundation for everything else to be built off of; the one that sets the tone for how a blog will sound; that paves the way for one small voice to be heard amongst the many on today’s crowded internet… Yikes! Talk about pressure! To say this has

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