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The Best Healthy Protein Coffee Recipe

High Protein Coffee: Caramel Latte Recipe

It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And for good reason. You see, a healthy breakfast can: Kick-start your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout your day. Give you the needed energy to be alert + focused whether it be at work or school. Help off-set cravings later

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Protein Ice Cream Sandwich: Healthy Dessert Recipe

What makes a good snack? In my opinion, it ought to be satisfying, a little sweet, and if it’s healthy- well, that just an added bonus that I can feel good about… This Protein Ice Cream Sandwich recipe checks all those boxes (and then some!). It’s a simple recipe, but don’t let that fool you,

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Easy, No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Looking for an easy protein bar recipe to make at home? Do you want it to be as satisfyingly sweet as it is healthy? Are you after big flavor without a lot of hard-to-find ingredients? … Look no further, my friend! Because these No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars will change your life- or at least

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Strawberry Lemonade BCAA Popsicles!

Post may contain affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for full details. I’m convinced- summer has finally arrived (and a bit early I might add!) To be honest, I’m usually not one to complain about the summer heat. I much prefer it over the chill of winter. But last week’s 90 degree hot & humid

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Great=tasting, healthy, clean-eating cauliflower nacho recipe. More at

Loaded Baked Cauliflower Nacho Recipe (Guilt-free!)

  As a self-proclaimed “fit girl”, I’ve always favored healthy eating over anything else. Most meals I eat come straight from my kitchen rather than a drive-thru window and are loaded with plenty of veggies & flavorful seasonings. Yes, I actually enjoy eating asparagus drizzled in garlic and a little sea salt or sweet potatoes

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Asian Inspired Healthy Crockpot Dump Recipe

Sweet & Savory Slow-Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken!

  Nothing makes me more excited than a good crockpot dump recipe! Life is just plain easier when you can add a handful of ingredients to your slow-cooker, set it, and leave the house knowing dinner will be ready once you return! And that smell when you do finally leave the office and come home- well that’s

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Artichoke Spinach & Cheese Breakfast Bake!

Artichoke hearts, lean ground turkey, feta cheese, spinach mixed with fresh herbs & spices- there’s absolutely nothing not to like about this recipe! As a kid, growing-up, I remember several camping trips in which my parents brought along a number of overnight breakfast bakes- simple casseroles with all the breakfast staples! Some were filled with eggs,

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Blueberry Protein Muffins

Healthy, gluten-free muffins- with fresh blueberries and a big protein boost! There’s just something to be said about starting the day with some kind of warm, melt-in-your mouth breakfast treat. Paired with a steaming hot cup of coffee, it’s literally a heavenly combination 🙂 The whole experience is enough to actually make me look forward

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Gluten-free protein pancake recipe

Simple Protein Pancakes (Gluten-Free!)

  I’ll admit it- breakfast is one of my biggest guilty pleasures! I’m a sucker for anything and everything related to that first meal of the day! – from the warm coffee mixed with sweet cream to the stacks upon stacks of bagels, pastries, & breads- all topped high in either rich, decadent maple syrup

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Healthy Dinner Recipe: Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili

  One of the goals I had set for myself this year was to try new recipes- I too often get in the habit of cooking the same cycle of meals over & over again, which is funny considering that my Pinterest Boards only have about 2,000 different meal options! So with the weekend ahead

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