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Holiday Gift Guide: Home Workout Essentials

Remember last year’s Peloton Ad where the husband gifted his wife a new bike? The backlash that followed after that 30 second commercial was released to the public- well, it may have you rethinking the idea of gifting fitness gear to the people in your life… EVER again! But rest assured because home exercise equipment

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The Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services to Try This Year!

I recently shared a blog post that was a deep dive into my healthy meal planning strategy. I shared how I plan my week, the tools I use to streamline the process + so much more. Related: HOW TO PLAN A WEEK OF HEALTHY MEALS WITHOUT STRESSING OUT! And while I know that some woman

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The BEST All-In-One Fitness App to Help You Lose Weight!

When it comes to weight loss, there’s a lot to keep track of: From tracking your food intake to recording your workouts to staying up-to-date with the wealth of information surrounding health + fitness… It can feel overwhelming! But what if I told you that you could have your meal plan, your workouts, even the

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healthy meal planning for the week

Plan Healthy Meals for the Week WITHOUT Stressing Out!

It’s the question we all secretly dread: What’s for dinner?! Whether you cook for one person or an entire army of people- there’s a lot that goes into preparing a full menu worth of healthy meals. Let’s face it: When you take into consideration all the time + energy that goes into searching for recipes, shopping

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how to calculate your macros

How To Best Calculate Your Macros for Fat Loss

You’ve probably run into this problem before: You’ve decided that you’re ready to lose weight; you’ve done your research on how to eat healthier; and you’re ready to give flexible dieting a try. You want to start the macro diet- the only problem is that you have no idea as to what your starting macros

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