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5 Hacks to Stop Wasting Your Time in the Gym

During this Facebook Live! we dive deep into the most common mistakes women make when it comes to their workout routine. Follow the 5 action steps provided in this video, and learn how to get better results + in LESS time! Because isn’t that what we’re all after anyways? … Efficiency. Now each week, inside

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3 Strategies to Run More Consistently

A New Year equals New Year’s Resolutions and New You goal setting. For many, this is a time to create new goals to stop or start doing something. And for other individuals, it’s a chance to review, reset and reattempt the previous year’s goals. And there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a

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Instant Bikini-Body: 7 Secrets to Becoming Your Best Self by Summer

(Post may contain affiliate links, please read my privacy policy for full disclosure) I don’t know if there is anything that I dread more than the stress + hassle that comes from swim suit shopping every spring. I mean, there is truly nothing worse than standing nearly naked in all of those dressing rooms with

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Supplement Guide for Women: Understanding the Benefits of Supplements for Weight Loss

Are dietary supplements really necessary? – it’s a commonly asked question floating around the fitness industry. I mean… sure, supplements make sense for those ‘serious’ athletes, the ones whose careers rely on them being able to perform at optimal levels. And certainly, supplements are worth the investment for those professional bodybuilders lurking around the weight

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How-To Choose a Fitness Goal You’ll Actually Stick With!

These days, there’s all this advice out there concerning proper goal-setting. Especially now, with New Year’s having just passed, it seems like everyone and their sister is offering their two cents on the subject… You have to be specific + clear about what you want. You need to give yourself a deadline. The goal must

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Strengthen Your Core: 28-Day Plank Challenge

Have you ever avoided doing something not because you didn’t enjoy it but because you just plain weren’t good at it- and that was frustration enough? I’ll be honest- that’s been my life story numerous times. I have a feeling, though that I’m in good company. 😉 Really, it’s human nature to want to perfect our strengths

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The Big Mistake that MIGHT be keeping you from Happiness

No matter what the calendar may say, it’s still winter here in this little ole West Michigan town. Honestly, it’s been a rather difficult winter season to endure, and I am quite literally dreaming of the day that I can swap these heavy, snow boots for a more comfortable pair of running shoes. This farm

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My Simple Strategy for Better (and easier!) Weight Loss

I recently sent my [totally awesome] audience of subscribers an email with the following subject line: Warning: You Will Not Get Results UNLESS You DO This. As a fitness coach, I knew that some people would immediately open that email expecting me to reveal the holy grail of weight loss secrets. And I also knew

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You Deserve Better: How-To Improve Your Life in Only 2 Minutes

As I sit here writing this latest blog post, I’m wearing an oversized + baggy sweatshirt, mismatched socks, and not one single ounce of make-up. My hair is frazzled + pulled back just enough so not to be in my face. And if I’m 100 percent, completely honest with you- I’m not entirely sure whether

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