Home Workout Plan: Full Body Workout from The Army Girl’s Guide

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Hello there!

Sarah here- from The Army Girl’s Guide. Coming from a background of having physically a demanding job, I know how important it is to train to live. By that, I mean incorporating training routines that are going to make you stronger, more efficient, and injury free in your everyday life.

With that in mind, I’ve designed a full body home workout plan especially for all you lovely readers for the Farm Girl Lifestyle (or any physically demanding job that involves lots of lifting + carrying!).

Home Workout Plan

The importance of functional movements in exercise:

By adding functional movement patterns into our training plan when we workout, we can help prepare our muscles for a greater workload. If we don’t train through these movement patterns, then injury becomes more likely. We must train both sides of our body equally, as imbalances cause injury, and we all know that is not fun!

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This simple, 4 move circuit involves functional movement patterns such as swinging, pushing, pulling and squatting. I have chosen compound movements, which means they incorporate more than one joint and muscle group, so you get a bigger burn for your buck ; )

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Circuit format:

We will be doing 10 repetitions of each move (that’s 10 on each side when they are one-legged exercises). We will do one exercise straight after the other, until we have covered all four moves. After a quick rest, you can repeat the whole circuit three more times, for a total of four rounds.


You will need one heavy weight, and one medium weight Kettle Bell. The heavy weight can be a dumbbell, plate, KB or you can improvise like I did and find something heavy around the gym/house/farm to use!

The Moves:

1. Weighted Forward Lunge – by having the weight on just one side we are creating an
imbalance, causing our abdominal muscles to engage and work that bit harder. Be
sure not to lean over to one side as you lunge forward. Make your core work hard!
2. Kettle Bell Cross Body swing – this move mimics the way our body generally throws
heavy objects around. You must keep a soft knee, and twist on the toes as you move
from side to side. Keep the arms straight to work the back and shoulders, as well as
your core.
3. KB swing to upright row – this throwing and lifting movement pattern will engage
your glutes, core, shoulders and biceps. There’s no need to squat fully at the knee, as
you are hinging at the hips. Keep the back straight, core tight.

4. Side lunge to upright row – here we get to challenge your proprioception (aka
balance!). By pushing from one leg to the other, not only are you working your quads
hard, but you are challenging the stabilizing muscles from your toes all the way up!
Stay focused, and see how you go!

If you’re not sure of the exercises, check out the video below for instructions on how to do each of the moves correctly.


I hope you enjoy the workout! If you want more workouts to follow, then take a look at my latest 10-minute workout, or try a specific circuit to target fat burn here.

Let me know how the workout goes, and I hope it makes your every day life a bit easier ; )

Over & Out,

Sarah, aka The Army Girl


workout plan to lose weight fast | full body workout | high intensity workout | more health and fitness at www.msfitfarmer.com

Sarah Honey Lawson is the creator of The Army Girl’s Guide, and is an experienced and passionate personal trainer in Bahrain & London. She strives to help likeminded, successful, busy women reduce stress and get healthy through exercise and nutrition.

She’s spent over 8 years training people to become fitter, stronger, and capable of achieving even the toughest physical goals. After a four-year stint as an Officer in the British Army, she returned to Health & Fitness in the role of a personal trainer and group instructor, and gained the name of The Army Girl. It pretty much sums her up: militant, determined, disciplined and happy to lead from the front.

Sarah uses her blog as an outlet to share her wealth of knowledge that comes from a certified background in personal training and nutrition, high intensity interval training, boxing and Pilates. Having ‘been there and done it’ herself, she is in an excellent position to assist over-stressed, over-worked, undernourished and overwhelmed women gain back the life they desire, and start to achieve their full potential.

Find Sarah and read her blog over on www.thearmygirlsguide.com, or follow her @thearmygirlsguide.

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Home Workout Plan: Full Body Workout from The Army Girl\'s Guide
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