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Exactly one year ago I moved into a new place. Despite the fact that I was moving into a bigger house, I didn’t want it to feel cluttered…

So I made it my mission to donate & get rid of as much junk as I could before the big moving day.

What amazes me most about that decision, is that after living in my house for a year now, I realize how little it actually takes to make a space feel cozy and welcoming.

To me, cozy means good food, inviting smells, and simple self-care routines that can make any day feel special.

Nowadays we’re all spending more time at home than ever before and so why not gift something to someone that makes their time at home that much more enjoyable?!

In this gift guide, I’m sharing some of my products that help make ‘staying in’ a truly joyful experience!

What’s more, I think this gift guide is the perfect companion to my farm girl holiday guide because after a hard days work there’s truly nothing more rewarding than coming home to a relaxing environment!

1. Magnolia Table  // 2. Nespresso Coffee Machine // 3. Bamboo Bath Caddy // 4. Signature Plush Sweatshirt// 5. Cozy Chic Throw Blanket // 6. Cozy Nights Candle

This post may contain affiliate links, for more information, see my disclosures here.

Cheers to a night in that’s worth celebrating.

XO, Britney (

Cozy At Home Holiday Gift Guide
Britney Zondlak

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