Plan Healthy Meals for the Week WITHOUT Stressing Out!

It’s the question we all secretly dread: What’s for dinner?! Whether you cook for one person or an entire army of people- there’s a lot that goes into preparing a full menu worth of healthy meals. Let’s face it: When you take into consideration all the time + energy that goes into searching for recipes, shopping … Read more

How To Best Calculate Your Macros for Fat Loss

You’ve probably run into this problem before: You’ve decided that you’re ready to lose weight; you’ve done your research on how to eat healthier; and you’re ready to give flexible dieting a try. You want to start the macro diet- the only problem is that you have no idea as to what your starting macros … Read more

5 Ways a Macro-Based Diet Can Help You Achieve Lasting Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, we all have a general idea of what we should and shouldn’t do. For instance: We know that we should eat more vegetables to better our health. We know that we should drink more water to minimize hunger. And we know that we shouldn’t expect to lose weight when we … Read more

Best Supplements to Take For Overall Health: How To Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

Last week, in a blog post I shared what dietary supplements are and how they could be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.  If you missed that post, you can check it out here. Now this week I want to expand upon that topic because naturally the next question that most women ask is: where should … Read more