The Secret to Happiness: Stop Wasting Your Days!

No matter what the calendar may say, it’s still winter here in this little ole West Michigan town. Honestly, I am so over it and couldn’t be more ready to be done with winter. I need some warmer weather, and I need it now! I recently spent some time with our farm’s veterinarian during one … Read more

Functional Fitness: Should I Workout If I Have a Physical Job?

As a farmer, you service and maintain your equipment. You tend to your animals. But when’s the last time you cared for your own body? I mean, really… does having a physically demanding job excuse you from exercise? Is it enough that you spend most of your day on your feet- hauling hay bales, lifting … Read more

Free Workout Guide: Farm Girl Fitness from The Army Girl’s Guide

Hello there! Sarah here from The Army Girl’s Guide. Coming from a background of having physically a demanding job, I know how important it is to train to live. By that, I mean incorporating training routines that are going to make you stronger, more efficient, and injury free in your everyday life. With that in … Read more

6 Ways to Make Water Less Boring

Post may contain affiliate links, see my full disclosure policy for more details It’s Friday afternoon. Per usual I’m spending yet another day working outside in this dead of heat summer. It’s 85 degrees out with a humidity of 86 percent. And while I know that I should be drinking water to keep my thirst … Read more

Top 8 Books to Get You Through Every Milestone of Your Twenties

No one told me life was going to be this way! Growing up I only dreamed of the days when I would finally move out from my parent’s house and start a life of my own. As a woman both ambitious and driven, I envisioned a lifestyle rich with that Sex and the City -esque … Read more