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5 Best Books Every Woman Needs to Read Right Now!

If I’m being honest- I’m not the type of person that gets sentimental when a new year rolls around… It’s not that I don’t enjoy reminiscing on the memories of the past year- it’s just that my Type A personality would much rather focus on the clean slate that lay ahead of me than anything

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the best fitness plan

How To Create the Best Weight Loss Plan (3 Key Parts)

Have you ever wanted to start a fitness journey but you had no idea where or how to start? When it comes to losing weight, there’s no shortage of advice out there on the internet.  In fact, there are so many weight loss programs to choose from it can be helluva confusing knowing which one

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3 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle That No One Talks About!

How many times have you caught yourself believing this common weight loss lie? It goes something like this: weight loss is a superficial goal; it’s not worth your time and energy to improve how your body looks because you have more important things that you should be focusing on… Be honest right now, how many

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4 Secrets to Making Healthy Habits Stick!

It’s no secret that habits are built on repetition. And it makes sense- you do an activity enough times, it becomes an automatic behavior. > Tie your shoes with your right hand? Habit. > Watch Netflix at night before bed? Habit. Try doing either of those activities in a way different than how you’re used

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10 Things Every Single Woman Wants the World to Know

This isn’t a normal blog post for me. Typically, I use this online space to share stories + insights concerning women’s health and wellness. Truly, there’s nothing more that I enjoy than helping women achieve success with their fitness journeys. Related: 5 Hacks to Stop Wasting Time in the Gym But this post regarding ‘single

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