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My Simple Strategy for Better (and easier!) Weight Loss

I recently sent my [totally awesome] audience of subscribers an email with the following subject line: Warning: You Will Not Get Results UNLESS You DO This. As a fitness coach, I knew that some people would immediately open that email expecting me to reveal the holy grail of weight loss secrets. And I also knew

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How to Create More Happiness in Your Life (my 2 minute hack)

As I sit here writing this latest blog post, I’m wearing an oversized + baggy sweatshirt, mismatched socks, and not one single ounce of make-up. My hair is frazzled + pulled back just enough so not to be in my face. And if I’m 100 percent, completely honest with you- I’m not entirely sure whether

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Naturally Heal Your Gut & Relieve a Bloated Stomach

Ask any woman who has ever dealt with the discomfort of a bloated stomach, and she’ll quickly tell you how much she wishes she hadn’t. Bloating is a common misery. And while the symptoms of bloating are considered mild and are typically only temporary, it doesn’t make the situation any less uncomfortable (or embarrassing! for

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30 New Year’s Resolutions that Don’t Require a Gym Membership

As a personal trainer and fitness blogger, I thrive during this time of year on setting people up to succeed with their fitness goals. There’s nothing better than the feel of a fresh start. And with summer still months away, there’s plenty of time to make good on your promise to yourself to truly achieve

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Best Fat Burners for Women For Weight Loss

10 Surefire Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Gym

Starting a fitness journey can be tough. It can also feel defeating, frustrating, frightening… and a whole slew of other emotions. I know this because I’ve been there before. That’s why I can say with certainty that I understand the fear you have of walking into the gym for the first time. I recognize the

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Free 28-Day Squat Challenge

Free Fitness Challenge: If I told you that all it took to get started with your New Year’s resolution to get fit was 3 minutes, would you believe me? Really think about it- would you be willing to commit to just three minutes today and every day thereafter? And would you truly see this thing

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Easy Weight Loss: Using the Right Mindset to Achieve Results

Post may contain affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for full details. Real talk: Let’s talk about weight loss for a moment. Losing weight is hard. And on some level I get it, I mean… It would have been easy for me to grab one of the thirteen or so donuts sitting on the

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The Best Healthy Protein Coffee Recipe

High Protein Coffee: Caramel Latte Recipe

It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And for good reason. You see, a healthy breakfast can: Kick-start your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout your day. Give you the needed energy to be alert + focused whether it be at work or school. Help off-set cravings later

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Manifest Your Dreams: The Power of Visualization

Visualize your progress. It’s something that I tell my clients each and every day during our workouts. And (in all honesty), it’s something that, more often than not, is met with an earth-shattering eye roll. I get it. It sounds cheesey. But the fact of the matter is- it works. The Power of Visualization: A

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The Problem With New Year’s Resolutions: How-To Fix It!

New Year’s Resolutions: Whether you swoon over the idea of a fresh start, or you believe the “new you, new year” mantra to be a bit too cliche, it’s hard not to enter the coming year without some sort of reflection as to how the last one ended. I’m talking the good, bad, AND the

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Health Benefits of Protein for Weight Loss

5 Unexpected Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Have you ever thought about hiring a personal trainer but then you talked yourself out of it because of the cost that it would incur? So, instead you decide to DIY your way through your fitness journey. After all, there are plenty of free resources online to guide you in the right direction, so what’s

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The Importance of a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal: The Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude

It’s officially the start of Thanksgiving week, and I have to admit- the older I get, the more I appreciate the simplicity of this November holiday. There’s no big tree to hunt down and decorate. No eggs to hide in anticipation of a scavenger hunt, no costumes to create or trick-or-treat candy to buy, and

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