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Conquer the Gym: 10 Tips Every Fitness Beginner Should Know

Starting a fitness journey can be tough. It can also be defeating, frustrating, frightening… and a whole list of other words that I probably shouldn’t write here on this blog. What’s more, choosing to walk the healthy path of life can feel like a lonely process- especially when all your friends seem to have their

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Free 28-Day Squat Challenge

Free Fitness Challenge: If I told you that all it took to get started with your New Year’s resolution to get fit was 3 minutes, would you believe me? Really think about it- would you be willing to commit to just three minutes today and every day thereafter? And would you truly see this thing

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Easy Weight Loss: Using the Right Mindset to Achieve Results

Post may contain affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for full details. Real talk: Let’s talk about weight loss for a moment. Losing weight is hard. And on some level I get it, I mean… It would have been easy for me to grab one of the thirteen or so donuts sitting on the

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High Protein Coffee: Caramel Latte Recipe

Post may contain affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for full details.  High Protein Coffee: Caramel Latte: The Midwest is already setting record low temperatures for this winter season (sigh)… As I gear up for another day spent outside in these sub zero temps- feeding calves and trying to keep everything as thawed as

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Manifest Your Dreams: The Power of Visualization

Visualize your progress. It’s something that I tell my clients each and every day during our workouts. And (in all honesty), it’s something that, more often than not, is met with an earth-shattering eye roll. I get it. It sounds cheesey. But the fact of the matter is- it works. The Power of Visualization: A

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The Problem With New Year’s Resolutions: How-To Fix It!

New Year’s Resolutions: Whether you swoon over the idea of a fresh start, or you believe the “new you, new year” mantra to be a bit too cliche, it’s hard not to enter the coming year without some sort of reflection as to how the last one ended. I’m talking the good, bad, AND the

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Personal Trainer: 8 Reasons to Hire a Fitness Professional

True story: I am a personal trainer that hired a personal trainer. It sounds ironic and a bit contradictory but allow me a moment to explain. You see, my first experience working with a certified trainer came long before I decided to make a career for myself in the health and fitness industry. It was

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Gratitude Journal: How being Grateful Can Change Your Life

It’s official- the start of Thanksgiving week is upon us. I have to admit, the older I get, the more I appreciate the simplicity of this November holiday. No big tree to hunt down and decorate. No eggs to hide in anticipation of a scavenger hunt, no costumes to create or trick-or-treat candy to buy,

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25 Days of Fitmas! Free Holiday Fitness Guide & Workout Challenge

It’s officially that time of year again where we find ourselves struggling to keep up with all the demands of a busy holiday season. From Holiday Get-togethers to Company Parties & Family Commitments- it can be difficult to find a few spare moments for ourselves. The lack of time coupled with the endless temptations that

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Functional Fitness: Should I Workout If I Have a Physical Job?

As a farmer, you service and maintain your equipment. You tend to your animals. But when’s the last time you cared for your own body? I mean, really… does having a physically demanding job excuse you from exercise? Is it enough that you spend most of your day on your feet- hauling hay bales, lifting

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers!

Need help finding the perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life? Don’t fret! Below you’ll find the some of the best bargains on the most popular products trending in the fitness industry right now. Go ahead, enjoy the holidays this season without the long checkout lines at the mall or the crowded parking

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Free Workout Guide: Farm Girl Fitness from The Army Girl’s Guide

Hello there! Sarah here from The Army Girl’s Guide. Coming from a background of having physically a demanding job, I know how important it is to train to live. By that, I mean incorporating training routines that are going to make you stronger, more efficient, and injury free in your everyday life. With that in

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