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The BEST Holiday Gift Ideas for Home Gardeners

In a world that praises success and achievement, it can feel counter-intuitive to engage in an activity purely for the joy of it. But having a hobby that brings you joy and enriches your life is the ultimate sanity-saver! After the year that was 2020, I think we can all see the benefit of pursing

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Holiday Gift Guide: Home Workout Essentials

Remember last year’s Peloton Ad where the husband gifted his wife a new bike? The backlash that followed after that 30 second commercial was released to the public- well, it may have you rethinking the idea of gifting fitness gear to the people in your life… EVER again! But rest assured because home exercise equipment

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Favorite Gifts for the Aspiring Entrepreneur!

In my previous gift guide, I touched on gifts that help transform your home into a cozy space that you actually enjoy spending time in. For some of us though, we’re using this extra time spent at home during quarantine to further our career ambitions. That’s why I think it’s especially fitting this year to

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Cozy At Home Holiday Gift Guide

Exactly one year ago I moved into a new place. Despite the fact that I was moving into a bigger house, I didn’t want it to feel cluttered… So I made it my mission to donate & get rid of as much junk as I could before the big moving day. What amazes me most

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Holiday Gift Guide: Farm Girl Edition

After a slow start to this year, it seems unreal that the holidays are ALMOST here! With Christmas just a short month away, now seems as good as time as any to get started with my gift shopping list. I’ve always been a last minute shopper, but with so much uncertainty around shipping times, I’m

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5 Feel-Good Instagram Accounts You Really Need to Follow!

It’s Week 7 of quarantine here in Michigan and while I am eagerly awaiting the day when this “Stay At Home” order is lifted, I can’t help but feel grateful for this slower-paced season that has been forced upon us.  With all of the schools currently shut-down due to the pandemic, we’ve had more help

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How I Balance Healthy Living with Being a Farmer

There’s this common misconception (especially among women) that you can’t have a busy schedule and still live a healthy lifestyle. Somewhere along the line, we’ve gotten it stuck in our heads that we have to choose one or the other. But here’s what I’ve realized after years of living a fast-paced life: >>> Sacrificing your

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