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5 Feel-Good Instagram Accounts You Really Need to Follow!

It’s Week 7 of quarantine here in Michigan and while I am eagerly awaiting the day when this “Stay At Home” order is lifted, I can’t help but feel grateful for this slower-paced season that has been forced upon us.  With all of the schools currently shut-down due to the pandemic, we’ve had more help

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How I Balance Healthy Living with Being a Farmer

There’s this common misconception (especially among women) that you can’t have a busy schedule and still live a healthy lifestyle. Somewhere along the line, we’ve gotten it stuck in our heads that we have to choose one or the other. But here’s what I’ve realized after years of living a fast-paced life: >>> Sacrificing your

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The Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services to Try This Year!

I recently shared a blog post that was a deep dive into my healthy meal planning strategy. I shared how I plan my week, the tools I use to streamline the process + so much more. Related: HOW TO PLAN A WEEK OF HEALTHY MEALS WITHOUT STRESSING OUT! And while I know that some woman

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The BEST All-In-One Fitness App to Help You Lose Weight!

When it comes to weight loss, there’s a lot to keep track of: From tracking your food intake to recording your workouts to staying up-to-date with the wealth of information surrounding health + fitness… It can feel overwhelming! But what if I told you that you could have your meal plan, your workouts, even the

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healthy meal planning for the week

Plan Healthy Meals for the Week WITHOUT Stressing Out!

It’s the question we all secretly dread: What’s for dinner?! Whether you cook for one person or an entire army of people- there’s a lot that goes into preparing a full menu worth of healthy meals. Let’s face it: When you take into consideration all the time + energy that goes into searching for recipes, shopping

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how to calculate your macros

How To Best Calculate Your Macros for Fat Loss

You’ve probably run into this problem before: You’ve decided that you’re ready to lose weight; you’ve done your research on how to eat healthier; and you’re ready to give flexible dieting a try. You want to start the macro diet- the only problem is that you have no idea as to what your starting macros

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