Artichoke Spinach & Cheese Breakfast Bake!

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Artichoke hearts, lean ground turkey, feta cheese, spinach mixed with fresh herbs & spices- there’s absolutely nothing not to like about this recipe!

As a kid, growing-up, I remember several camping trips in which my parents brought along a number of overnight breakfast bakes- simple casseroles with all the breakfast staples! Some were filled with eggs, ham, bacon and sausage while others were brimming with French toast and buttery syrup concoctions! Whatever the combination, it was always delicious! More so, it made mornings a breeze with preparations made the night before (a fact that I never appreciated until I started cooking for myself!).

Fast-forward twenty years and I’m still in love with all the goodness that came with those breakfast bakes! My taste pallet, however, has since matured. Thus, I’ve taken the liberty of creating my own take on this childhood favorite!

This recipe packs a whopping 23.5 grams of protein per serving! With only 8.9 grams of carbs and 9.1 grams fat. The entire serving totals out to be only 220 calories! You truly will be in awe of how big, filling & hearty each serving is!

Make ahead at the beginning of the week in a 9×13 casserole dish. Divide and refrigerate. Reheat as needed throughout the week for a tasty and stress-free breakfast (and most importantly healthy!).

Healthy Protein Breakfast Bake

Helpful Hints!

  • Top however you please! I like to add a little spicy mustard on top to really tickle my taste buds!
  • Add a side of turkey bacon to amp up the protein count even more!
  • If you’re looking to add a little more fat to the recipe, swap some of the egg whites for whole eggs!

Happy Eating! Share and enjoy this recipe with all your busy friends! They’ll thank you for all the time they’re gonna save in the kitchen each morning!

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