My Story

How my Journey to better health really unfolded…

Hey there! and Welcome!

I’m Britney- but I’m better known online as Ms.Fit.Farmer 😉

I’m a small-town Michigan dairy farmer with a creative side + a passion for all things health + fitness.

There’s something about helping women uncover the “best” versions of themselves possible that truly lights me up!

In all honesty- my own journey to better health was anything but smooth sailing (more on that below)…

…And for that reason, I’m not your typical online fitness coach.

You see, I believe in simplifying the fitness process and working with my clients to develop a plan that truly fits their unique lifestyle.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to health + fitness. And being mindful of that one simple truth has allowed my clients to achieve some truly remarkable results (you can read more about that + catch all the details about my signature 90 program, over here!).

Beyond fitness, I love spending time outside with my beloved pup, Molly; I’m a huge book nerd and very rarely will you find me without a coffee in hand!

About that Fitness Journey I mentioned...

Imagine living your life with freedom- not shackled to a restrictive diet plan where everything 'fun' is off limits.​

Imagine having clarity around food- actually seeing food for the nourishment it provides rather than just as calories. And imagine leading a fit + active life where you feel energetic and confident– not hungry, deprived or exhausted…

It’s not a dream, my friend. Deciding to improve your health is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. And contrary to popular belief- you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your life in the process. I know this because for nearly all my life, I did this whole fitness thing the ‘wrong’ way.

You see, I wasn’t born with self-confidence & I didn’t always love my body.

In fact, for most of my adolescence I was the girl with chubby cheeks and a slightly wider waistline- heavier than most all of the other girls in my class.
I smiled, yet I secretly hated my body for everything that it wasn’t, and I promised myself that ‘someday’ -when I was older- I would ditch the extra baby weight + have the body I had always dreamed of.
Fast forward to my teen years, not much had changed. I spent years jumping on + off the diet bandwagon- more certain than ever that this latest + greatest fad diet would be the answer to all my prayers- that it would finally provide me with a solution to my weight loss problems.
I bought into all the late-night infomercials + health magazine articles that promoted nothing more than empty promises. I bought products, gizmos + gadgets that shrunk my bank account- but not much else.

Somewhere through it all, my relationship with food become heavily strained. I scrutinized everything I ate, counted every calorie + still couldn't find that happiness I was looking for.

Food became a source of guilt, stress + confusion. I didn’t know what or how-to eat, and as I entered my college years that problem only intensified. I suddenly found myself in unfamiliar territory, three hours from home + terribly homesick. Faced with a meal plan that allowed me access to an all-you-can-eat buffet 4 times daily, I relied on food to help me cope with the emotions I was feeling. 
Some people gain the Freshmen 15 their first year of college, I gained more like the Freshmen 30 – no joke! 
After college, I had finally had enough.
I decided that I wanted to take control of my life + that I would finally take responsibility for my health. And that’s exactly what I did- well, kind of..
After one too many nights, as I was suffering through a late-night workout (because heaven forbid I took a day off) I realized their had to be a better way- a way that could mend my broken relationship with food, and more importantly, a way that could give me the results I desired without diminishing the quality of life I wanted to live.

I was done with the disordered eating, the yo-yo dieting, the binges, the anxiety, the distorted body image + all the fear! I was ready to approach fitness with the mentality that it could still be a part of my life without taking over my entire life.

It took a lot of trial-and-error; it required more patience than I thought I had at times, but it was well worth it all. Nowadays I workout because I want to- not because I have to. I enjoy all foods in moderation- finding joy in nourishing my body with what it needs to function at its best. 
I still have fitness goals- but today they are centered around looking AND FEELING my best.
If there is any good to come from my long struggle with self-love + good health, I hope it serves as an example to young women of what not to-do.
In recent years, as an Online Fitness Coach + Certified Personal Trainer, I’ve made it my mission to teach busy + overloaded women how to turn healthy living into a sustainable lifestyle so they too can live their best life with energy + confidence. 

I am truly glad you have found your way here, and I cannot wait to support you on your journey to better, more balanced health


Are you ready to start your journey toward better health + fitness?

Heck yes, you are!

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