6 Habits That Changed My Life (And Will Change Yours Too!)

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Deep down you know that it’s true:

Your day runs a heck of a lot more smoothly when it has some structure to it.

We all say that we want freedom; that we hate being tied to a strict schedule.

But the thing is…

…the lack of routine in our daily life is often the cause of our stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

When we take the time to design a routine that suites our unique individual needs, we feel more productive, in control, and able to become the best person we can possibly be.1

Sort of funny, isn’t it?

The rules we all resented as kids- things like, eat your vegetables, go to bed on time, do your homework– are the same things that help us to thrive as adults.

Now you may cringe at the thought of adding rules into your life. It may go against your desire to just go-with-the-flow.

But I want to let you in on a little secret:

>>> Whether you realize it or not, your day is already guided by a number of self-imposed rules.

We call these rules: habits.

You see, habits are the small decisions you make every single day.2 And on any given day, they account for about 40 percent of our behaviors.3 

Which means that your life today is essentially the sum of habits that you have collected over time.

This is why if you want to change your life, you must first change your habits.

When you show up and commit to doing the small things each day, that’s when you’ll experience the biggest growth in the long run.

Because when you change the micro (the seemingly insignificant aspects of life), you influence the macro (the bigger picture).

This simply can’t happen the other way around. You can’t skip over the micro and expect massive shifts to take place.

So in today’s blog post, I’m sharing with you the 6 Simple Daily Habits that have transformed my own life.

And I’m sharing this list in hopes that you will take what’s worked for me and use it as an example of how to bring about positive change in your own life.

Now in full disclosure- these habits, on their own, may seem simple. 

And I agree, on their own, none of these habits are magical or extraordinary.

But the fact is: these seemingly-simple actions help spark a chain reaction of good habits that naturally lead to bigger success.4

Which is what we’re all after anyways, right?

So without delay- let’s get started!

good daily habits to improve your life

Daily Habit #1: Reading

If you’ve been a long-time follower of this blog, then you’re probably not surprised that reading tops my list of life changing habits 😉

In previous blog posts, I’ve shared many of my favorite books on personal growth that have helped me live a happier, more fulfilled life.


And guess what?!

That same abundantly-rich life is available to you too, my friend!

Yes- even if you don’t have a lot of extra time in your day to sit down with a book + read.

The truth is: reading just ten pages a day can transform the way you think about life.

It can open you up to new opportunities; and it can give you fresh perspective, helping you free yourself from old, stagnant ways of thinking.

The great thing about books is that they are a short-cut to gaining perspective; they allow us to buy into an experience that we’ve never had to go through personally.

We can literally learn from other people’s mistakes without having to experience the painful consequences associated with those mistakes!

Meaning we can dramatically improve the quality of our lives provided that we’re willing + open to taking in that information.

One page at a time is all it takes to start experiencing positive change in your own life.

Daily Habit #2: Exercise

It’s easy to talk ourselves out of a fitness routine.

We use every excuse in the book:

>>> I don’t have enough time. I don’t know how to workout. I’m not an athletic person…

And I can relate to these excuses because I’ve used them myself many times before.

But the fact of the matter is:

Only a few lifestyle choices have as large an impact on your health as physical activity.5

You see, regular exercise is one of those habits that tends to give more than it takes.

Beyond the obvious benefits- like how exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, gain strength or improve your heart health– a regular fitness routine is the one tool that allows us to better manage our energy.

Energy flexes. When we take positive steps to increase our energy (a.k.a. workout), we can use it to our advantage.​​​​​​​6

With more energy, we live with the freedom to live life on our terms.

And isn’t that what most of us want?…

The freedom to enjoy life without restriction. The freedom to thrive- not just survive.

Daily Habit #3: Journaling

If I’m being honest:

I’m not one of those touchy-feely type girls. 

If anything, I avoid activities that require me to reflect + to use the emotional side of my brain.

So, it’s safe to say that I never saw myself as much of a journaler.

But that all changed when I finally gave in + started reading more on the power of gratitude.


I mean, everyone seemed to be talking about how life-altering gratitude was; and while I was hesitant to buy into all the hype, I was at least willing to give it a try.

It wasn’t like I had anything to lose, right?

What I learned from journaling nearly everyday for a year and a half is that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is about shifting our focus on to what’s good in our life.

And even if life doesn’t change as a result of our gratitude- the way in which we experience life will.


As Liz Murray (Motivational Speaker) once said, “Gratitude is nothing more than realizing that every single thing you have you could just as easily not have.”

Simply put, gratitude has helped me to feel more content in the moment.

And in my opinion- that’s a feeling that’s worth pursuing.

Daily Habit #4: Meditation

Hear me out on this one.

I know how easy it is to be skeptical of meditation.

Especially if you’re not into the spirituality behind meditation, you may have a hard time buying into this particular habit.

I know that I certainly did.

But let me tell you- there is hope.

>>> You can experience mindfulness without the woo-woo factor.

For me, meditation is not as much about the zen as it is about quieting my mind from all the noise within my head.

In this ever connected world where we face constant distractions on a daily basis, meditation is what helps me unwind, relax + focus more on what matters.

And meditation can do the same for you.

Now, for my harden skeptics that may be quick to write off meditation, understand that science is starting to pick up on the health benefits associated with meditation.

In fact, research shows that regular meditation can bring about benefits such as reduced stress, a more positive mood and outlook, more self-discipline, healthier sleep patterns and even increased pain tolerance.7 

The bottom line is that meditation is something that anyone can do + that can be beneficial for everyone.

Daily Habit #5: Time-Blocking

Now, habits aren’t just about what you’re doing, they include how you’re doing things too.

And if I could credit one habit for bringing more success into my life, it would be none other than my habit of time-blocking.

You see, I get it.

Right now, you may be inspired to make changes within your life.

But you’re likely hesitating a little because you’re already busy enough and you can’t wrap your mind around adding even more to your long to-do list.

Here’s the thing:

Much like you, I don’t have loads of free time at my disposal.

In fact, besides creating content full-time on this here blog, I also work a full-time gig outside of the home (because #bills).

Now, you can read more on how I time-block my week in this blog post here.

But the gist of the story is that I’m much more mindful of what I put on my to-do list when I have to carve out a corresponding time-slot on my calendar.

Giving myself time to complete each activity increases my awareness of what I can actually achieve in a given day + it makes me much more selective of what I commit myself to completing.

More importantly, time-blocking leaves me with a sense of accomplishment each night (because who doesn’t love checking off all the boxes on their to-do list?!).

And it gives me the momentum to bring that productive energy into the next day.

Daily Habit #6: Maintaining a Tidy Home:

How exactly does having a clean house change me into a better person?

I know. The correlation doesn’t quite track.

But my point with this habit is to be aware of the impact that your surroundings can have on your personal performance.

I truly believe that our environments reflect how we feel.

And the one environment we tend to spend a lot of time in?

It’s none other than our home.

Personally, when my home is messy + disorganized, I feel frazzled.

On the other hand, when my home is tidy, I’m much more at ease.

Cultivating a healthy and positive home environment isn’t about making it more aesthetically pleasing.

It’s knowing that your surroundings can impact your mood and performance, and using that to your advantage.

So learn what works best for you and watch yourself thrive!


So what does all this mean?

The point of this post isn’t to try and convince you to adopt these same six habits.

They may not work for you in the same way that they have worked for me.

>>> The only way for you to know if these habits will work for you is to give it a try yourself.

But my point is that you don’t have to overhaul your life completely in order to experience massive growth.

Start wherever you are. Start with whatever you have. Start small.

But mostly importantly, just start!

As always, here to support you!

XO- Britney (ms.fit.farmer)


6 Habits That Changed My Life (And Will Change Yours Too!)
Britney Zondlak

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